Chandelier Earrings

Chandeliers are an eternal inspiration for jewellers.

Literal and figurative symbols of opulence, art, creativity and good taste, chandeliers adorn some of history’s greatest castles, palaces and homes worldwide.

These illuminating pieces of homes have been the pride and joy of the homes they occupy. Evolved from candelabrum or candle holders of yore, their central space in homes have inspired designers with their glamour and presence.

Today, chandelier jewellery is back en vogue. Today, every fashion and celebrity magazine featuring starlets a la mode, will be seen sporting chandelier motifs.

Our designers looked to the great chandelier jewellery of the past and keeping current with the scene stealing celebs have come up with majestic chandelier earrings and jewellery pieces, for your collection.

Embellished with fine diamonds, the craftsmanship of these lightweight earrings is enhanced by the yellow and white gold (18k, 14 gms.) combination and the bezel set of round diamonds (3.121 cts.)

These gold earrings (18k, 13 gms.), designed using a combination of diamond (1.667 cts.) cuts, exhibit pattern of ascending motifs, creating elegance and celebrity glamour.

Created using short-prong, bezel and pave settings, these earrings intertwined hearts in the centre are the perfect blend of classical charisma and contemporary charm. (Gold: 18k/11.20 gms. Diamonds: 2.44 cts.)

An overlapping 3D geometric pattern followed by pear and marquise dangles give this yellow and white gold set a distinctive presence. (Gold: 18k/12.10 gms. Diamonds: 2.559 cts.)

Using two interesting motifs – four circles to create flower and pear shaped dangles that twine at the edge – these earrings make a clear statement of sophistication. (Gold: 18k/13.90 gms. Diamonds: 2.60 cts.)

The opulence of this piece is accentuated by the central motif of overlapping pears. The heart shaped clasp enhances the intricate craftsmanship. (Gold: 18k/11.50 gms. Diamonds: 2.290 cts.)

Designed to be breathtakingly lifelike to produce a 3D form, this pair of earrings is enhanced by the flow of diamonds to the petals. (Gold: 18k/12.75 gms. Diamonds: 3.015 cts.)

A classical rendition of a chandelier, this piece uses high quality diamonds to create an opulent look. (Diamonds: 2.045 cts. Gold: 18K/14.5 gms.)

In these earrings, the pear shaped motifs dangle along with brilliant round cut diamonds in the centre, linked through darts, which sway with every move you make, creating an attractive play of light and dazzle. (Diamonds: 4.033 cts. Gold: 18K/18.50 gms.)

This exotic piece is accentuated by the use of oval shaped central motifs and dangles, creating an aura of neoclassical glamour. (Diamonds: 2.538 cts. Gold: 18K/10.35 gms.)

There are many more designs that await your indulgence at our lush lounge. Pick them up as they are or customise them with your accents. Come, let us spoil you.

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