Charmed Bracelets

Charm bracelets are truly unique. Dangling, fun, interesting and always the most interesting conversation piece. At LIFE, we worked closely with several clients to come up charm bracelets that reflect the personality of those who wear them.

What can a mother gift her daughter on her 21st birthday that can become an eternal symbol of their love?

Freedom of choice.

By allowing the daughter to personalise a charm bracelet, the mother acknowledged her love and confidence into the woman she had become.

After extensive consultations with the daughter, the design team presents a mood board that would allow her to reflect her personality completely. Something old, a little bit of new, memories of her childhood, adolescence and choice moments spent with her mother. The daughter chose each of the charms designs herself working with senior designers to achieve finesse to her ideas. Sketches for the charm bracelet are presented to her based on inputs, until one is finalised.

But just as relationships grow, this unique charm bracelet also needed a special touch from LIFE jewellery designers.

The locking system in this charm bracelet is so unique that it looks like a charm itself. This beautifully articulated locking system also serves as a way to attach future charms seamlessly into a flawless design. The “O” clasp is a brilliant piece of jewellery design that leaves space for future charms.

The final piece that came into being was an honouring of the mother-daughter relationship while presenting a truly special blend of personalisation and craftsmanship.

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