Entwined Dreams

Entwined are jewellery inspirations that enrapture your mind and envelop your imagination.
When it comes to traditional accessories, jewellery motifs that twist and curl lend themselves naturally to be adorned around your necks, arms, and feet.
If you peek into the history of jewellery the world over, you will repeatedly notice these circular forms have captivated jewellery connoiseurs since ancient times.
Breathtaking pieces of ancient gems and gold jewellery were formed by examining nature and its gorgeous creatures.
Gold jewellery from the Greek-Hellinistic period of 3rd to 2nd century BC were inspired by the monarch of reptiles; snakes. The Vine-trellis diadem found in Greece was designed based on the natural curves of plants. Armlets in ancient Egypt too were serpentine in shape.

Circular designs are ideal when you want to truly shine through amongst the crowd. Our designers have been deeply impacted by these shapes. Their imaginations have been enwrapped with naturally formed circular shapes and the result are some truly compelling pieces of fine jewellery.
At LIFE, we’re proud to have infused the beauty, simplicity and elegance of nature and its creatures and present these special pieces of entwiened dreams for your wearing pleasure.
Glance through these pieces below featuring gold and diamonds and encircle yourself with these modern classics.
A leaf design bracelet with fine diamonds (3 cts.), accentuated with a combination of yellow and white gold (18k, 25.65 gms).
A rose gold (18k, 56.38 gms) bracelet with rose cut diamonds (3.88 cts.) in an abstract swirl.
A snake head gold (18k, 24.008 gms) bracelet with short prong diamond (2.21 cts.) setting featuring a rich blend of texture and form.
A floral theme with diamonds (2.05 cts.) set in short prongs and bezels of gold (18k, 20.580 gms.) linked intricately to one another in a contrasting geometric pattern.
A champagne colored bracelet featuring a design to bring out its 3D impact with a single streak of diamonds (4.24 cts.) along with a rich feel of gold (18k, 45 gms.)
A classical white gold (18k, 15.656 gms.) rendition with marquise diamonds (2.12 cts.) at the edges, designed to create balance between simplicity and opulence.

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