Glam Up With Offbeat Jewellery In Your Wedding Trousseau

The wedding day feels like a fairy tale when you carry yourself with fun and funk. Donning the stylish wedding outfit, trendy look and the latest designs in jewellery, a bride looks nothing less than perfect. But, does that hype and hoopla end after taking the wedding vows? Not when you have the essential jewellery in your wedding trousseau.

Ask someone who married recently and she will tell you that your red carpet wedding dress is a one time hit and so is your adorable look. So, what can keep you feeling the wedding vibes and feels? How can you be a glamazon when you begin the new life with your hubby? This is where your wedding trousseau will glam up and maintain your fashionable avatar.

Here’s the offbeat jewellery for your wedding trousseau:-

Engagement Ring with Pearl

Score high on the fashion scale with classic diamond rings. These meticulously made rings with the awe-inspiring design is a work of art in itself. These engagement design rings are rare in the market. Wear it on your fingers, and you are sure to add it to your bling lifestyle.

Love is for ever pearl jewellery

Rose Cut Jewellery

Brace for a great evening, wearing rose-cut jewellery. This is a one jewellery item that must be in your trousseau. People would pause for a second to take a look at this classic which is back in fashion with a bang. Other than the diamond wedding ring, add a rose-cut diamond ring to your collection. Don’t forget to wear it with an eclectic gown of your choice.

Love is for ever rose cut jewellery


The signature diamond earrings have made a come back into the fashion mix. You can put a show with them while you go for a picnic, roam around beaches, and take the selfies with your hubby.


Carry to your new home, the classic floral bangles. Wear traditional clothes or pick your favourite western outfit from the wardrobe, the eternal bangles are right on the money. Add some versatility to your jewellery collection for the trousseau.

love is for ever diamond rings

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Rings are ticking all the right boxes! So, if you want to go beyond the ordinary, keep solitaire engagement rings as a precious thing. Among the diamond wedding ring or diamond engagement ring, solitaire engagement rings are the finest. You will never regret wearing this at lavish weddings and high-end events.

Love is For Ever Solitaire Engagement rings

Linear Glitz

Refresh your look with the fresh design sense. Jewellery with lines, arcs, and crisscross pattern are also a good pick. These are different from the usual ones. Therefore, to make fashion statements and impress one and all, these precious jewels will be a game-changer.

Love is for ever linear glitz

It is cliched that jewellery can be worn only on special occasions. Gone are the days when it was stashed away. Make statement jewellery and diamond engagement rings part of your everyday life. After all, these are the very things that remind you about the new life you have just got into.

You can wear the most dazzling outfit but wearing these jewellery can up your glamour quotient. You can shine and standout. A glittering diamond engagement ring can indeed make all the difference. Know that this will surely highlight your fashion sense and make others envy.

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