Illusion Set Diamond

Illusion setting use multiple, smaller diamonds in clusters to simulate a much larger rock. Here are some classic examples of how you can add extra oomph to a piece of jewellery without spending a fortune.

Our Exclusive Illusion Designs

Jewellery is a decadent affair that focuses on manufacturing each piece with the utmost care to bring out the best. From the cut of the diamond to the final setting of choice, our diamond jewellery designers know the value of each piece and thus focus on creating diamond jewellery that will bring out the best of the stone.

The illusion set diamond is a jewellery designer’s most appreciated wave of the magician’s wand. An illusion setting carves out the precious metal surrounding the diamond to produce an illusion of diamond facets. This meticulous and precisive procedure is carried out to ensure that you receive the maximum brilliance from your diamond.

Our team of expert designers have come up with the most subtle and luxurious illusion setting diamond rings to ensure that your fingers shine beautifully in every light. Choose from a wide variety of modern and vintage designs that offer you the chance to glow no matter what the setting.

Illusion setting diamond earrings are more popular than ever today. These beauties will maximise the glow of your diamonds while producing an elegant look and feel.

Younger couples and seasoned jewellery aficianados alike have grown to love the illusion set diamond. When you are ready for your marriage proposal and are looking for something that truly shines, illusion set diamond rings offer you a wide variety of choices. An illusion set diamond gives a brilliant lustre and the appearance of a larger stone.

If you have an affinity for diamond jewellery and want to amplify your collection on an ongoing basis, choose from a variety of illusion set diamond earrings. These dangling and studded beauties shine through in various lights. Choose illusion set diamond earrings, especially if you have an active social life and enjoy flaunting diamonds at every chance possible.

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