Our designers have come up with a simple idea that can enhance your jewellery’s wearing pleasure.

An innovation’s lifecycle begins with the user. Carefully observing our lifetime customers’ feedback and with a strong intent to enhance their lives, we are constantly striving to come up with solutions to daily problems when it comes to wearing jewellery. Innovation is the bringing together of creative ideas to forge something that will be life changing for you.

An eternal symbol of undying love, finger rings are one of the most popular jewellery pieces. They also are one of the most frequently worn pieces, accentuating your personality on a daily basis in all social and professional settings. Certain pieces of jewellery will continue to change with trends, but a special finger ring is something that usually is worn throughout your lives, without ever being replaced. This is why finger rings need to be sized proportionally for you. If it’s a little loose or a tad tight, the finger ring may present a real problem. Often times, your fingers’ shapes will evolve. Sometimes the fingers may stay the same but your knuckle sizes will change.

Our designers, keeping your needs in mind, came up with an ingenius solution for sizing of finger rings. The expandable shank! This marvel of innovation is something that will be appreciated by millions of women worldwide. The shank of the ring may be extended while wearing and compressed back to its original snug size when off. A simple innovation to enhance your wearing pleasure. Wear that special ring, perfectly on your fingers, for the rest of your life.

The art of manufacturing jewellery is an age old practice. Each nook of the world carries with it an authentic style, an intimate history a meaningful background when it comes to jewellery. Form, function and exceptional beauty are at the core of a unique piece of jewellery. Our designers are proud to have introduced the expandable shank for your finger rings.

Now, wear your favourite, daily pieces of jewellery that are an extension of your personality for the rest of your life.

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