Maang Teeka

Jewellery, since ages, has been known to adorn women. While some decades back it was alright to be bedecked in heavy jewellery, it is now a trend to wear only a couple of statement making pieces. In this shift from traditional customs to contemporary lifestyles, quite a few jewellery articles have been rendered impractical for regular wear, like the haathphool and the maang teeka. Yet, these are those pieces that make a great talking point. So even though most women would love to own a beautiful maang teeka, they’re a bit hesitant to have it due to inappropriate usability.

One fine day this is exactly what we faced when this client walked in requesting for a maang teeka that she could wear it in regular use. We met this challenge with assurance to the client. Upon much thought we came up with a contemporary design of this traditional ornament.

A white and yellow gold piece was designed that was embellished with diamonds and rubelites. The ornament could also be worn as a necklace and so could be regularly worn. However, the contours of the forehead and that of the neck are very different. And hence the back of the jewel had to be specially made such that it was comfortable in both situations. In a further twist, on removing the pendant the chain can be worn as bracelet. Three pieces of jewellery were crafted such that they worked together and separately as well. And the client’s wish was fulfilled – she had a maang teeka for everyday use.

When worn as a maang teeka it was suitable for traditional occasions while the necklace and the bracelet could be worn to much formal and contemporary settings. Versatility and simplicity is what makes contemporary jewellery stunning. And so it makes our team happy to know that they had made something so beautiful that the client left from our lounge with a smile on her face.

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