Pearl Jewellery Designs

It is one of the oldest jewellery adornment in human history, and still remains the most wondrous motif, reinterpreted here in myriad forms.

Our Exclusive Pearl Jewellery Designs

Pearls are pure treasure of the deepest waters on the planet. These priceless beauties precede time itself. There is no one person who is credited with discovering the gem because pearl jewellery designs have been adorned throughout history.

From Persian princesses to Chinese emperors, pearl jewellery has always captivated the eye of aristocrats, royalty and people with refined taste.

At Love is Forever, through our 75 year legacy, we take pride in our pearl jewellery designs, ensuring that from sourcing to finish, each piece we create accentuates your personality and captivates the imagination.

Today, when you purchase fashion jewellery online from our catalogs, browse through breathtaking designs. Pearls used to originate from many parts of the world, but today they are primarily scouted in Australia and Bahrain.

Their depleting quantities and limited numbers make pearl jewellery highly sought after by collectors. A rich history follows pearls, wherver they go. A modern day story goes that Queen Cleopatra once crushed a pearl into a goblet of wine to show that she could produce the most expensive of drinks.

In the medieval ages, pearls were worn by soldiers on the battlefield. Today, pearls carry an air of professionalism, good taste and great wealth. Symbols of purity, choose the pearl jewellery designs which best suit your personality and purpose behind wearing these highly esteemed gems.

For connoiseurs, pearl jewellery online makes your decisions much easier. Browse through our regal collection and choicest pieces to select the right one for your wardrobe.

Manufacturing pearl jewellery today requires a great amount of dedication and patience. Our designers treat each pearl with great reverence; as they are gifts from nature.

Pearl oysters, traditionally were only collected by divers who put their lives on the line to retrieve them, sometimes submerging to nearly hundred feet depths. An adventurous pursuit, a game of chance. But the reward was great and thus flourished the pearl jewellery trade.

Pearl jewellery designs add a great deal of value to your jewellery collection. Rare pearl jewellery from the past fetches millions of dollars in bids from the right buyers.

Every aspect of pearl jewellery designs at Life is Forever is focused on showcasing the natural beauty of the pearl while creating an exhilarating setting.

When you purchase pearl jewellery online at Love is Forever, you receive a one-of-its-kind piece that will grab the attention of every passerby. Elegant to the touch, pleasing to the eye, our designers ensure that our pearl jewellery designs are second to none.

Pearls today may be found in freshwater or saltwater and come in a variety of colors, each with its unique lustre. Those originating from French Polynesia and Tahiti are rare, and hence afford a higher price. Cultured pearls, which are created on oyster whereas cultured pearls made in pearl farms are available for more affordable prices.

Fashionistas has always had a fascination with pearls. Designer Coco Chanel boldly declared “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” In the 1920s, long strings of pearls called sautoirs were all the rage. Today, pearl jewellery designs have evolved to suit modern trends. At Love is Forever, we never ignore the past, so you will note a brilliant mix of past and present in each of our pearl jewellery designs.

When shopping for pearl jewellery online, do pay close attention to every curve and setting. At Life is Forever, we recognize that design is a harmonious union of form with function. We design pearl jewellery and all our other unique pieces with this in mind.

Choose from our inspiring collection of pearl bracelets, necklaces or a pair of soft glowing pearl earrings.

As with our entire collection, at Love is Forever, we ensure the highest quality pearl jewellery. We pay close attention to size, shape, color and the lustre of each pearl.

Once it is a part of your collection, we suggest you create a separate space from your diamond jewellery to store your pearl jewellery as pearls are far more delicate to the touch.

When you are looking to shop for pearl jewellery online, browse our vivid collection containing a wide variety of options that are suitable for every occasion in your life.

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