Precious Secrets

There is a precise engineering along with artistry that blend to create stunning pieces of diamond jewellery. The human heart and soul is filled with infinite ideas and potential.

Each gemstone, gold, diamond or precious metal like gold and platinum is an opportunity to tell a unique story. It is a chance to contribute to something eternal – that will touch hearts and turn heads.

Inspiration for Jewellery
Every great piece of jewellery starts as an idea inspired by art, nature, an emotion or a combination of all.

At LIFE, you’ll notice pieces inspired by Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Classic and so many more.

Penning Jewellery Design

Once a mood board is created, our designers put their inspirations on paper. So much jewellery today maybe inspired by haute couture, bold architecture or breathtaking nature. They masterfully transfer these thoughts and ideas into unique pieces of jewellery.

Just like any fine piece of art, each sketch goes through multiple renditions before becoming a greenlit piece of design. These jewellery design sketches themselves are often times appreciated as pieces of fine art.

Our jewellery designers combine inspiration with technical knowledge to ensure that their pieces of jewellery can be turned into finished pieces. They bring concepts to life by always considering both technical and artistic aspect of every piece.

The sketches then go to CAD designers, who give a three dimensional aspect to each piece. Finally, wax assembly, casting, stone setting, finishing & polishing bring the final piece of jewellery to LIFE.

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