Radiant Collection

From Greco-Roman motifs to Arabesque forms and Indian patterns, here is a collection of diamond jewellery fit for connoisseurs.

Our Exclusive Radiant Collection Designs

The Radiant Collection is our ode to the Greeks, Romans, Arabians and the Indus Valley royals.

Steeped in history, manufactured with utmost care and dedication, the Radiant Collection is a refreshing take on breathtaking forms and patterns of history’s most prized diamond jewellery collections.

Our designers traveled back to the royal courts of the greatest empires in history for inspiration. To a time when those who wore jewellery represented great wealth and power.

Each empire had their own specialities. Romans were experts at creating solid gold bracelets which were often worn in pairs. They also excelled at using molds and casting techniques. Ancient Greek jewellery carried darling depictions of design from hexagonal pendants to classic bracelets, gold wreaths and even shapes of animals and shells.

Egyptian sovereignty was also fond of its treasures. Pharoah Tutankhamun’s tomb overflowed with diadems, necklaces, amulets, and more. Shapes of Middle Eastern and Arabian jewellery take you closer to nature and what they deem as being superior in form.

The concept of symmetry was also important to the Egyptians.

Ancient India has always been fascinated with jewellery. A symbol of wealth, status and good taste. Emperors, queens and their well-to-do subjects would adorn heavy jewellery for special occasions but also carried certain pieces with them throughout the year.

When our designers set out to create this diamond jewellery collection, they paid close attention to every aspect of all of these ancient traditions, while suffusing modernity in good measure. Interesting designs inspired by nature, symmetrical pieces, masterful diamond cutting and hours of design and manufacturing prowess.

Every piece of this diamond jewellery collection is vetted by our team of experts. Each diamond has been selected with great care and gone under the discerning eye of our quality control team.

From Greco-Roman motifs to Arabesque forms and Indian patterns, this is a diamond jewellery collection suitable for connoisseurs.

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