Friends hold a special place in our lives. And if it’s a dear friend then it’s altogether a different story. We’ve shared innumerable memories with them. And often to preserve these memories we exchange tokens of love and remembrance. While these might not be a high-priced item, they’re still priceless to us and we’d like to keep them forever.

So, one day when we welcomed a client into our lounge, little did we know that we’ll be entrusted with such a precious keepsake. The client showed us some coral and resin flowers, beautiful adornments that were looking inexpensive, yet that held special importance for her since they were gifted by a dear friend. She requested that we create an ornament which is made using the flowers, so she can wear them.

She wanted a piece of jewellery that was unstructured, airy, and light that could go with her casual, daily attire. However, with this appeal also came a condition – it should be designed such that it can be worn as often as possible.

Our Italian designers and the technical team had a detailed discussion with the client on the styles that she preferred. We explored her tastes and personality and better-understood her lifestyle so we could create something that she would wear regularly. Based on this brief, several sketches were made and presented to the client.

The selected design was a set of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with the coral and resin roses attached so that they appeared floating, away from the chain on which they were mounted. A sleek, contemporary necklace set that included a bracelet was selected.

The technical team had to build a special mount to give support to the fragile roses to give them an illusion of floating. Diamonds were sprinkled strategically to add dazzle that was classy but not over-the-top shiny or glitzy.

We are always ready to learn something new. And our encounter with this client taught us that delightful jewellery need not go hand-in-hand necessarily with expensive or elaborate. More often, what dazzles us most is simplicity! The best ideas are usually elegantly simple.