The Journey Continues – Love Is For Ever In Mumbai!

Now Love Is For Ever is available, factory direct from Mumbai.

We challenge ourselves every day to create exclusive diamond jewellery that can grab attention. With a rich legacy in the diamond trade and expertise in crafting jewellery, the vision is to offer something so outstanding that the experience will be etched in your memories forever.

The journey of Love Is For Ever has been derived solely by customer requirements

From the outset, we knew promptly what makes us unique. Our diamond jewellery starts with you; your experiences, interests, conversations, and the places you go to. Every diamond jewellery is attached to an emotion, and our main purpose became: “your experience”. So, with bespoke and trending options, we developed jewellery for everyone’s taste.

Gradually, we understood that you also want something unique and more personal. The love and appreciation for the personalized jewellery created by our team has been truly amazing. Honestly, it is a great motivation to create unique jewellery pieces which expresses change as well as continuity. Whether it is your corporate party, lavish wedding or a romantic evening on the beachside resort, our diamond jewellery collection with subtle flourishes reflects your style evidently.

Research, creativity and deep thinking play a stellar role to conceptualize something new. Take for instance, The Chrysos collection inspired by the jewellery of ancient Greece. It was breathtaking to finally see the signature jewellery pieces after so much of hard work. It is impressive and leaves a lasting impression on you. Many of our customers were curious to know the surprise elements thrown in the magnificent jewellery collection.

Also, creative detours took the form of Life Design Diva Awards and Fashion shows.

With experience, we learned that there has to be nonchalant ease of blending between the design and the craft. Turning impressive imaginations into reality requires excellence. With state-of-the-art tools, upgraded technology and an open mind to perceive upcoming trends, our jewellery is crafted to perfection.

Perhaps, it is due to this drive for perfection and a focus to offer quintessential jewellery that Love Is For Ever has reached great landmarks in such a short duration of time.

Gone are the days when people used to wear jewellery only on festivals and occasions. In contemporary India, people love to wear diamond jewellery as a fashion statement and flaunt their style in unique ways. Love Is For Ever knows the pulse of the current times and creates fascinating jewellery for you.

In the past six years, we developed a new design language for connoisseurs and jewellery lovers. We continue to indulge the diamond lovers with impeccable designs, appealing styles, high-quality, and precision. You can easily find the most sought after jewellery at our place.

And the journey continues.

Milestones are inevitable when you put your heart and hard work onto anything. After charming the people of Bangalore, we have now moved the retail experience to Mumbai, in the centre of where all the magic happens. Being factory direct, our clients can now see and experience the entire process of how their pieces come to life from design on paper to the final product in gold and diamonds. Sophisticated shopping experience and easy access to some of India’s most appealing diamond jewellery collection awaits you in Mumbai.

Your one-stop destination for scintillating engagement rings, bangle cuffs, fashion earrings, pearl jewellery, solitaire enhancers, etc. is located in Andheri East, Mumbai.

Now experience a diamond forever closely. We, at Love Is For Ever, are all geared up and thrilled to design some sensational jewellery for you. Visit soon!

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