Versatile Jewellery

We all love spectacular pieces of jewellery. It not just makes us feel beautiful, it is also an expression of who we are. The joy of wearing statement pieces is enhanced when the ornament is crafted specially for that specific person, factoring in her tastes, personality and lifestyle.

There is however one drawback with heavy jewellery pieces – they can only be worn during very special occasions. You cannot really wear a statement necklace to coffee with friends – and that is a key challenge for both clients and us: We don’t want you to keep your jewellery in bank vaults, to be taken out only for special occasions. We want you to enjoy them as often as possible.

So when a client came to us with a request to craft a very special necklace set for a big family celebration, with the caveat that it should be versatile enough to be work for smaller occasions and parties too, we knew exactly what she meant.

Guido Persico, our Italian Art Director and Dipti Sathe, our Chief Operating Officer conferred with the client to discover her tastes, styles she liked and her lifestyle preferences. The design team zeroed in on floral motifs and several renditions were presented to the client. When she selected a particular design, the jewellery set was developed around the chosen pattern.

This particular set was diamond and ruby design with a combination of round and pear shaped diamonds creating florets strung on a staggered row of diamonds. The twist to the design was how we created a bracelet from the necklace too. The row of ruby and diamond florets detach from the chain and join together to form a bracelet.

However, the technical execution of the piece was not simple. The circumference of the neck and wrist are very different. Our master craftsmen had to ensure that the piece worked perfectly as the links connect to take the shape of the neck or the wrist.

We are passionate about creating beautiful pieces of jewellery. It gives our teams even greater pleasure when we are challenged to create something that not only looks beautiful but also fulfils the particular brief of a client.

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