Written In Your Heart

For couples in love, there is no memory better than those blissful moments spent looking into each other’s eyes. Those glances can remain ingrained in your heart for your entire life.

These gorgeous moments are sprinkled throughout your relationships and bring a smile everytime you are fortunate enough to recall them. Those jovial meals, adventurous trips, romantic walks, and moments of silence as the world disappears and only one remains.

Fine jewellery is an expression of these precious moments, and is designed to last a lifetime. What if you were able to make your gifts to your loved ones even more personalized? Eternal messages etched on each piece immortalise these beautiful objects of your love, forever. There are moments in life when you want your innermost feelings translated into words. These are those memories which will be etched forever in your mind, a happy place to cherish forever.

But while we know that each piece of fine jewellery will echo in eternity, it is your love that will add life to each piece.
This is why we’ve introduced the opportunity to express your deepest emotions and thoughts on pieces of fine jewellery, through heartfelt messages, meaningful dedications and touches of personalization.

Fine jewellery inscribed with your sentiments holds a strong value. A single line of your feelings, or even your recipient’s names or initials add priceless value to each exquisite piece of jewellery. A gift means so much more when it comes from the heart. Jewellery is a natural expression of love. Our designers create exquisite and distinguished pieces that speak louder than words.

If you’re in a relationship and embarking on the next step of marriage, jewellery; particularly wedding rings are an essential part of the ceremony. Accentuating the diamonds, gold and finest materials on earth with your intimate feelings is a craft we take pride in adding to your experience.

To celebrate your anniversary, try etching the number of years on a gorgeous bracelet or a splendid ring.

Dedicate wedding bands, create commemorative rings, mark special occasions, write your promises of love.

Express your innermost feelings through personalised jewellery.

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